In-Person Quality Bone Densitometry Course in June

April 7, 2022

We are looking forward to offering our first in-person Quality Bone Densitometry Course since the start of the pandemic. We have missed the ability to connect with members and attendees face-to-face and while we will continue to have livestream course offerings throughout the year, we are excited to bring back in-person options!

The Quality Bone Densitometry Courses for both Clinicians and Technologists will be offered June 4 and 5 in Hartford, CT. More information about the course agenda and schedule can be found in our events calendar by selecting the course you are interested in.

The ISCD Certification Exam will also be offered in a paper and pencil format on Sunday, June 5 in the same location. The Quality Bone Densitometry Course is not an exam preparatory course and the registration fees and process for each are separate. For more information on the ISCD Certification Exam in Hartford, CT, click here.

For more information about all of our upcoming courses both livestream and in-person, please visit our events calendar.