President’s Message

2022-2023 ISCD President
Dr. Yanling Zhao

ISCD recently welcomed Dr. Yanling Zhao as the President of our Board of Directors during the Virtual Annual Business Meeting  of the Society on April 1, 2022. Dr. Zhao has been an active member of ISCD for over 10 years and is the founder of the China Regional Panel. She was named “ISCD Clinician of the Year” in 2007 was the first the person to introduce ISCD DXA training to China Medical System. Below is her first initial address to the ISCD membership.



Dear Members, friends and Guests,

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening!

Thank you for joining us at the 2022 Annual Business Meeting and the Annual Meeting of ISCD. I hope you enjoy this unique scientific meeting that focuses on Bone and Musculoskeletal Health Evaluation. Also, I want to thank all of you for your support and trust in electing me as the ISCD President for the next year. It’s my honor.

First of all, I would like to thank Dr. George Helmrich for his hard work as a leader in the Bone and Musculoskeletal Health field and Society. Over the last year as President of the Society, he guided us through a pandemic and led us through the full implementation of a new membership model, improving the Society’s financial position.

For each of us, it has been a challenging year. Many of us have worked with those affected with COVID daily for more than two years. It has changed everyday life in the world. Last year, we lost three colleagues who were strong advocates of ISCD and quality musculoskeletal assessment. The world is changing; life is changing, the way we interact with each other is changing. Today, online meetings are still the way for us to have education and communication. We have had Annual Meeting Virtually for 2 years, but we intend to return to an in-person meeting in 2023.

Regarding the Society and meetings, most professional societies are still struggling with meeting attendance and membership. The question is also our question currently. Funding for Society has become tighter and tighter. The ISCD Board has looked at ways to adapt and set up a new model to be more relevant to our potential members, which was launching in 2021.
ISCD is a professional association dedicated to advancing high-quality musculoskeletal health assessment in the service of superior patient care. We have more than 1800 individual members from over 25 countries. We are the musculoskeletal health profession’s global voice. We strive to make quality musculoskeletal health assessment accessible for people everywhere by improving access to QUALITY DXA evaluation, fracture risk assessment, and guidance for clinicians and technologists. These needs are growing in the high-risk populations of the world due to an aging society and the increasing of chronic diseases. The need for our expertise is becoming even more critical than ever.

We still see many preventable fractures, many of which fail to be seen by educated practitioners post-fracture. We still can see many orthopedic surgery procedures done in the aging population without bone density evaluation due to their limited knowledge of bone quality, which would likely change the approach to the surgery and improve the outcome likely. This is one reason Dr. JK Lee and Dr. Paul Anderson are working with a talented group of colleagues to bring forward a new Orthopedic Surgeons course this year.

My goals for this coming year include:

  1. Continue to drive new educational offerings in musculoskeletal assessment around the world.
  2. Continue to grow membership in our new membership model with a focus on increasing membership not only in the US but in each of our regional panels.
  3. Continue to drive ISCD to provide international guidance on Bone and musculoskeletal evaluation, including safe musculoskeletal assessment in Children. ISCD will be holding a Position Development Conference in 2023 focused on reporting.

Again, I would like to thank you for your attendance. I hope you find the education and scientific information presented at the annual meeting informative and valuable to your clinical practice. I urge each of you to encourage your colleagues with interest in musculoskeletal assessment and treatment to join us.

Finally, I want to express thanks to the ISCD staff who have spent much time these last two years making adjustments to continue providing our programs and services during the pandemic in ways that maintain our focus on high-quality educational programs and maintain the financial health of the Society.

Thank you.
Dr. Yanling Zhao MD. CCD
President of ISCD