The ISCD DXA Atlas is written to show principles of quality DXA scanning, artifacts, issues with analysis, reporting and interpretation as well as serve as an archive of interesting DXA cases. The ISCD DXA Atlas is accessible to ISCD Members as a benefit included in their membership dues.  

Every attempt has been made to include examples from a variety of DXA scan manufacturers. This resource is aimed to be a growing collection of cases contributed from our ISCD members around the globe. We invite members to submit cases they find relevant and beneficial to the DXA Atlas.

Terms of Use 

Use of DXA Atlas and its images is permitted to ISCD Members.  ISCD members are permitted to use the DXA atlas and its images.  We understand that images and cases found in this extensive collection may be valuable for educational purposes in teaching, training and conducting professional lectures by ISCD Members. ISCD authorizes the use of images contained within the DXA Atlas for use by non-profit organizations and for educational purposes by ISCD Members as long as the information and images are cited appropriately. These images are not authorized for commercial use without consulting ISCD.