ISCD Official Positions

We are pleased to share that our updated ISCD 2023 Adult Official Positions are now available for viewing. The Official Positions that are new or revised since 2019 are in bold type. You may also download a pdf of the 2023 Adult Position Statements. If you would like to order a printed copy of the booklet, click here.

Why hold a Position Development Conference (PDC)?
The PDC advances the field of skeletal assessment by developing Position Statements on important topics in skeletal assessment, through a rigorous, validated method. The PDC is a 12-15 month long process that generates practical advice for clinicians and researchers in the field of musculoskeletal assessment: the ISCD Official Positions. Examples of past topics range from nomenclature to scan acquisition and analysis, from the adoption of new technologies to monitoring of skeletal response, and beyond.

With the evolution of bone densitometry, differences in technologies, acquisition techniques, reference databases, reporting methods, and terminology have developed. These differences may have adverse effects on patient care and the exchange of scientific information. To address these issues, the ISCD periodically holds Position Development Conferences, a process whereby an international panel of experts makes recommendations based on reviews of the scientific literature by task forces associated with the ISCD Scientific Advisory Committee. Recommendations that are approved by the ISCD Board of Directors become Official Positions of the ISCD. 

All ISCD Official Positions are for worldwide application except where otherwise noted. 

2023 Position Development Conference  

The 2023 ISCD Position Development Conference (PDC) public session was held  March 28, 2023, at the Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel. Those who attended were able to voice your opinion on proposed positions and substantiating scientific data.

As a reminder, topics for the 2023 PDC included Trabecular Bone Score (TBS) Application and Reporting, DXA Monitoring, and DXA Reporting, as approved by the ISCD Board in March 2022 after a process of topic solicitation from the ISCD membership, Steering Committee review, Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) assessment, grading and ranking, and Executive Committee review and recommendation to the Board.

2023 Position Development Conference Task Forces

2023 Position Development Conference Steering Committee 

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2023 Position Development Conference DXA Reporting Task Force 

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2023 Position Development Conference Monitoring Therapy Task Force 

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2023 Position Development Conference TBS Task Force 

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 2023 Position Development Conference Expert Panel 

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2019 Position Development Conference Task Forces

2019 Position Development Conference Steering Committee:
Christopher Shuhart
John Shepherd
Swan Sim Yeap
Task Force Chairs
Paul Anderson
Unnop Jaisamrarn
Lawrence Jankowski
E. Michael Lewiecki
Leslie Morse
Harold Rosen
David Weber
Babette Zemel
Monitoring Serial Bone Measures With DXA
Joao Lindolfo Borges
John Carey
Angela Cheung
Yoon-Sok Chung
Juliet Compston
Kathryn Diemer
David Kendler
Kelly Krohn
E. Michael Lewiecki
Malachi McKenna
Valerie Peck
Elliott Schwartz
Christopher Shuhart
Jeevitha Srighanthan
Denise van de Laarschot
Robert Ward
Chih-Hsing Wu
Carola Zillikens
Cross Calibration and LSC Update
Bo Fan
Kenneth Gaither
Lawrence Jankowski
Ying Lu
Leon Lenchik
John Shepherd
Sarah Warner
S. Bobo Tanner
Carol Zapalowski
Matthew Abdel
Paul Anderson
Kyle Jeray
Joseph Lane
John Shepherd
Diane Krueger
Sarah Morgan
Susan Bukata
Kelly Krohn
Spinal Cord Injury
Fin Biering-Soerensen
Laura Carbone
Tomas Cervinka
Christopher Cirnigliaro
Cathy Craven
Scott Falci
Therese Johnston
Nan Liu
Leslie Morse
Christopher Shuhart
Karen Troy
Frances Weaver
Transgendering and DXA
OP Hamnvik
Unnop Jaisamrarn
Alan Malabanan
Harold Rosen
Joshua Safer
Vin Tangpricha
Lalita Wattanachanya
Swan Sim Yeap
Alison Boyce
Catherine Gordon
Wolfgang Hogler
Heidi Kecskemethy
Madhusmita Misra
Christopher Shuhart
Diana Swolin-Eide
Peter Tebben
Leanne Ward
Halley Wasserman
David Weber
Babette Zemel
Expert Panel
Sanford Baim
Neil Binkley
Robert Blank
Aliya Khan
Joon-Kiong Lee
William Leslie
Craig Munns
Richard Prince
Laura Tosi
Weibo Xia