Aims of Panels: The Panels will have as their principle aims: (taken from the Regional Panel Policy)

3.1 Supporting development of regional meetings of the ISCD, including educational courses, that may be stand-alone meetings or held in conjunction with national or international meetings in the region.
3.2 Facilitating communication of national and regional issues to the ISCD.
3.3 Dealing with regional professional issues related to development and practice of skeletal health assessment.
3.4 Assisting in increasing ISCD membership in that region.
3.5 Representing the interests of ISCD members in the region to the ISCD.
3.6 Advocacy to support access to bone densitometry and osteoporosis care.

Grant Applications:
To support our Regional Panels in achieving their goals, the ISCD Board of Directors has allocated funds for each regional panel to apply for a grant of up to 10,000 USD for use between January 1 and December 31, 2024.

All grant requests must be submitted via the online submission form one week before an Executive Committee Meeting for approval. Decisions regarding funding requests will be communicated to the Chair of the Regional Panel the day after an Executive Committee meeting. Approved funds must be expended with receipts submitted by December 31. All third-party expenses will be reimbursed with the submission of receipts and an ISCD reimbursement form.

Request Submission Deadlines:
The deadline for submissions is one week prior to the executive committee meeting. Below are the executive committee meetings scheduled for the remainder of 2024 and start of 2025. 

  • May 16 – Deadline: May 9
  • June 20 – Deadline: June 13
  • July 18 – Deadline: July 11
  • August 15 – Deadline: August 8
  • September 19 – Deadline: September 12
  • October 17 – Deadline: October 10
  • November 21 – Deadline: November 14
  • December 19 – Deadline: December 12
  • January 16, 2025 – Deadline: January 9, 2025
  • February 6, 2025 – Deadline: February 6, 2025

Suggested uses for funding: