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Quality Bone Densitometry Course FAQs

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How will I get the Zoom links to attend?
The zoom links will be located in your Learning Dashboard. Click on the course name, then click on the “contents” tab to find your personalized Zoom link.    

Do I need a different Zoom link for Day 2 than I used for Day 1?
Yes, you will need a different Zoom link for Day 2 than I used for Day 1. The link will be available in your Learning Dashboard.  

How is my attendance being taken for this course?
Your unique Zoom link that you found under your Learning Dashboard tracks your personal attendance in the course. You should not share your link with anyone else or use another person’s Zoom link to attend.  

I am not marked as “attended” in my learning dashboard, but I am in attendance. When will this be updated?
Participants will be marked as “attended” in their learning dashboard at the end of day 2 of the course. You will then be able to take the survey and claim credits.  

How will I get my credits for taking the course?
After the course has concluded (on Day 2), you will be able to access the Survey in your Dashboard on the ISCD Learning Center (the same place you accessed your course documents).  The Survey can be found in the Contents tab. Once the survey has been completed, your certificate will be available to you to download and print.  

Will the recordings for this course be available after the course concludes?
No, recordings will not be available following the course. To maintain the integrity of our Course and its materials, this information is only available in the live-streamed format.  

Will the questions and answers be available after the course?
Yes, the questions that are answered via the webinar chat will be compiled and made available to course participants approximately a month after the course. Questions answered live will not be transcribed.  

How long will I have access to the course slides and documents?
The course slides and syllabus will be available to you in your Learning Dashboard for 90 days following the course.  

When do I need to claim credits by for this course?
Participants must claim credits for this course within 90 days of the conclusion of the course.   

How do I sign up to take the Certification exam?
To register to sit for either the CCD or CBDT exam, please visit the Certify page at Once you have selected the exam you wish to register for and have reviewed all information for that exam, you can register to sit for the exam either by registering online or printing the application, filling it out and mailing/faxing it in with payment.   

Whether you submit your application online or by paper, your application will be reviewed and processed. Your information will be sent to PSI and within 5 business days PSI will send an email with scheduling information.   

Is there a study guide or suggested resources for the Certification exam?
ISCD provides a complete exam content outline which can be found in the CCD/CBDT Handbook and Application packet (free download off of the website), starting on page 15. This outline provides all the information that will be on the exam.  

Will this course prepare me for the exam?
This course is not designed as an exam prep course, it is geared towards continuing education. While there may be some information provided in this course that could be on the exam, the course will not prepare a candidate to sit for the exam.  

If I register for the course, am I also registered to sit for the exam?
No. The course registration is separate from the exam registration and have separate fees.   

Will the credits received from this course count towards recertification?
If an attendee is currently certified, yes, credits will count towards recertification. If an attendee is not certified and plans to sit for the exam, credits from the course taken prior to being certified will not count because they were not obtained during their certification cycle.  


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