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Maintenance of Certification (MOC) FAQS

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What is Maintenance of Certification?
Maintenance of Certification (MOC) is an opportunity developed by the ISCD to streamline the requirements of recertification, tracking continuing education credits earned toward recertification and providing online education programs to meet the continuing education requirements of recertification. The MOC is included in the Full and Professional level ISCD Memberships.  The MOC program is also available to non-members with CCD and CBDT credentials who choose to enroll annually.

How does MOC affect me if I am currently certified?
If you maintain a Full or Professional level ISCD membership or pay your MOC fee annually and earn the 35 hours of continuing education required during current 5-year certification period, there would be no additional fee to maintain your certification and you would automatically be recertified for another 5 year period.

How does MOC affect me if I want to become certified?
Once you pass the certification exam, you will be certified for a period of five (5) years and enrolled in the MOC program. The first year is a complementary enrollment, after which annual dues apply.  You will have access to at least 7 continuing education credits each year through ISCD online learning.

What is the cost of MOC?
The MOC yearly program fee is included in the Full and Professional Level ISCD Memberships. If you are not interested in becoming an ISCD Member, the cost for MOC is $100 for Technologists and $125 for Clinicians annually.

Is there still a recertification application after I am enrolled in the MOC program?
No. ISCD’s MOC program will require you to maintain a Full or Professional level ISCD Membership or the MOC annual renewal throughout your 5-year certification period. You will also need to have obtained 35 credits over those 5 years. Once you reach the required 35 credits, you will be recertified on or before your expiration. Upon review and completion of these requirements, a NEW and UPDATED certification certificate will be mailed to you at the primary mailing address that we have on file for you.

How do I know how many credits I have acquired?
You can view your accumulated credits on your “My ISCD” portal by logging in through the website. It is the responsibility of the Certified Individual to maintain a current mailing address and email address with ISCD in order to receive your certification reminders.

How do I submit credits not earned through ISCD?
You can submit self-reported credits at any time during your certification through your “My ISCD” portal under “My Learning.” Your accepted credits will be displayed on “My Transcript”.

What happens if I do NOT maintain my Membership or MOC?
You will have lapsed in the MOC program and need to sit for the exam to keep or become certified again.

What happens if I do NOT have my 35 credits to recertify?
You will need to sit for the certification exam keep or become certified again.

Can I recertify if I am not a part of the MOC or have ISCD Membership?
Yes. If you choose NOT to maintain your MOC or acquire 35 credits, you can sit for the ISCD exam.

If CDT certified, am I affected by the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program?
Maintenance of Certification only pertains to CBDT and CCD certified individuals. Those who are CDT certified will continue to recertify by application and 35 credits every 5 years.



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